- Recordings -   A user can record the Live Stream and it willbe stored into the device and User can manage them
- TV Archive(Catchup ) Strength Increased: Now, there is no limitationwith TV Catch up data. It would be available for many days and without any EPGloading.
- Multi-User Management - Now, A user can add more username/password ( users)and manage them.
- EPG Improvements
- Bugs Fixed

Other updates 

  • Subtitle Track & Audio Dual Track Supported
  • AutoStart on Boot ( Settings -> General )
  • Support Multi-language ( Added only 3 lang but could be added your lang on your deman - To Change Settings -> General )
  • Support 4k Movies & h265 Codeces Supported
  • Play with External Players  (Long Press on the channel it will give the option to play with the external player)
  • Jump to channel by channel number from the Remote 
  • Search Functionality on the Live TV 
  • Focus/ Selection by remove on Player Icon 
  • Get Menu Option by the Remote button ( Option Menu button )
  • Fast Loading & Channel Zapping
  • Added "General Setting" 
  • Slow Motion Video - Fixed

Friday, June 29, 2018

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